M / Y TIS,,es,v = BkcRNLUGVlM,,ru,På sep,,en,a.m,,en,en eld bröt ut ombord på "Tis",,en,i byggnadsdockan i Lürssen-Yard i Bremen-Vegesack och spred över tre däck av fartyget och byggnadsdockan, vars tak övergick i en längd av,,en,Yachten hade beräknats för leverans senare i,,en,BEAM 16.85m,,en,TIS är en 111m lyxbåt,,en,byggd i Tyskland av Lurssen och levereras i,,en,Hon designades av Winch Design,,en,TIS Yachts Projektnamn,,en,Pablo Alto,,es,Miljarder som bor i området Pablo Alto California,,en,Larry Page,,en,Google,,en,Mark Zuckerberg,,en,Facebook,,en,Romesh T,,en,Wadhwani,,en,Aspekt,,en,Richard Peery,,en,Fastighet,,en,Reid Hoffman,,en,Linkedin,,en,David Filo,,es,Scott McNealy,,en,Charles Schwab,,en (Project Palo Alto) 112m yacht by Lürssen Yachts

TIS Project Palo Alto 112m yacht by Lürssen Yachts

The 367.45ft Custom motor yacht motor yacht ‘TIS’ is being built by Lurssen in Germany, hon är planerad att levereras till hennes ägare i 2018. Winch Design is responsible for her beautiful exterior and interior design. Previously named Project Palo Alto,


TIS offers accommodation for up to 24 guests in 12 staterooms 1 owner cabin,


TIS features a displacement steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks. She was built to Lloyds Register classification society rules.

This luxury yacht is also fitted with ‘zero speed stabilizers’ which work at anchor, increasing on-board comfort when the yacht is stationary, particularly in rough waters.


At anchor Stabilizers , Gym, Jacuzzi (on deck), Lyft (Elevator), Pool, Movie Theatre, Beach Club, BBQ, Tender Garage, Luftkonditionering, Underwater Lights, Helicopter Landing Pad



Motor yacht TIS is currently not believed to be available for private Charter.

On Sep 14, 2018, vid 2.37 a.m. a fire broke out aboard the ‘Tis’ in the building dock of the Lürssen-Yard in Bremen-Vegesack and spread over three decks of the ship and the building dock the roof of which was alight on a length of 130 meter.

The yacht had been due for delivery later in 2018.

BEAM 16.85m

TIS is a 111m luxury yacht, built in Germany by Lurssen and delivered in 2018. She can accommodate up to 18 människor.

She was designed by Winch Design.

TIS Yachts Project name “Pablo Alto”

Billionaires that live in the area of Pablo Alto California

Larry Page (Google) ,Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) ,Romesh T. Wadhwani (Aspect) ,Richard Peery (Real estate), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) ,David Filo (Yahoo), Scott McNealy, Charles Schwab

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