M/Y FLYING FOX 136m super yacht by Lürssen Yachts

FLYING FOX is NOT for Charter and NOT for sale
Project Shu, the 136-meter Lürssen new build, has start of March 2019 been delivered and renamed Flying Fox. Now the world’s 14th largest yacht, Flying Fox has left Germany for Stavanger Norway according to AIS data. The previous yacht to cruise under that name was a 74-meter Nobiskrug.

With an exterior by Espen Oeino and an interior by Mark Berryman, the yacht’s key features include two helipads, capable of hosting the largest helicopters out there. Another highlight of the 136-meter Flying Fox is the large swimming pool located aft of the main deck. The superyacht also boasts large sea terraces, swim platforms for watersports.

Stretching across a beam of 20.5-meters, the yacht had previously completed sea trials in March and May 2018. Сообщается, что дизайн интерьера сосредоточен на нейтральных тонах и спокойном и просторном интерьере.,,en,С оценкой,,en,Flying Fox считается 14-й по величине яхтой в мире,,en,FLYING FOX имеет объемный стальной корпус и алюминиевую надстройку,,en,Flying Fox Интерьер,,en,Марк Берриман отвечает за ее интерьер,,en,Мы рассчитываем, что она будет как минимум,,en,Нет доступных фотографий интерьера,,en,M / Y FLYING FOX 136-метровая супер яхта от Lürssen YachtsSuper Yachts от Agent4Stars.com,,en.

With an estimated 9,100 GT, Flying Fox ranks as the 14th largest yacht in the world.


FLYING FOX features a displacement steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks. She was built to Lloyds Register PYC classification society rules.


Кондиционер, Beach Club, Beauty room, Helicopter Landing Pad, Джакузи (on deck), Massage Room, Swimming Platform, Tender Garage, Подводные огни, Swimming Pool

Flying Fox Interior
Mark Berryman is responsible for her interior. We estimate that she will accommodate at least 24 Гости и экипаж 40. There are no interior photos available.

Why do new Super Yacht Stop in Norway ?

If the ship enters a port outside the EU and receives various documents stamped, the shipowner will in fact be refunded the German VAT of 19 percent.Knowing that the total price of the yacht is around euro 300 миллион, the savings on VAT are euro 57million


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